OMEO DESIGN is an interior design firm born in 2016 and based in Marbella. Our main mission is to create unique interior spaces. We are specialized in creating bespoke luxury residential interiors with a strong identity and singular design. For this purpose we use high contrast colors, contemporary combined with classic style furniture inspired in the location, architectural style and client’s requirements, interest and lifestyle.


The work of OMEO in the development of projects includes the whole process, from the initial conceptualization to the design of the last detail; at every different stage of the project.


OMEO DESIGN focuses on every feature: details, decor, materials and all the elements of a space to create a luxurious homey ambiance with emphasis on enhancing the property’s value while maintaining a truly personal touch. We custom make every aspect of a project despite the challenging specifications, ensuring that the client needs are realized with a great creative expression and the finest quality assured. We are based in Marbella. Please feel free to contact us for any inquiries!


Olivia O.

Interior Designer & Creative Director